46. Sociable Bridge: A 90s bridge club in Maine

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Danton Towers, is a retirement community on the coast of Maine. I had a friend who spent time in the Portland area regularly and she sent me a great long clipping from her Maine Sunday Telegram in 1994 about the bridge club at Danton Towers, and so I included it in the Retro 90s chapter of my book when I published it later.

So different from those two sophisticated New York bridge clubs!  This club had a certified ACBL teacher–Tim Goodwin– recruited by Joan, the daughter of one of its 87-year old residents who met Tim at an adult ed bridge class. But it is clearly a mostly sociable bridge club of retirees–so typical of my own generation of players who learned to play decades ago.

Joan, at 50, seems to have had some ambition to take on duplicate and tournament bridge –she has that potential–but says when Tim took her to an ACBL-sponsored game she was a “wreck”  because the game was so serious and she didn’t think the people were very nice!

Meanwhile, and I quoted Tim, Goodwin was hoping some 30 or 40-year olds would walk into his adult ed course.

If you Google Danton Towers, seems as if it is now a condominium and located right next to an historic house and in an area that at one time was a favorite place for early aviation pioneers.

I often wonder where that Danton Towers bridge club is today?  And did Joan ever get over her apprehension at playing ACBL bridge? And did Tim ever luck out with a few 30-40 year old adult ed students?






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