33. Sociable Bridge: Can the mid-day bridge club have a renaissance?

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That absolutely should be a question considered by the ACBL marketing director — targeting those today who are naturals to take up bridge mid-day.

For the many thousands of mid-day (and morning as well) bridge clubs that still exist, we never really left. Just moved to the evning when we went out to work, and back to daytime when we couldn’t drive at night or retired.

For today’s working women, however,  mid-day bridge is impossible . . . except for the many women (and men) today who work out of their homes via the internet. They are a logical target market for promoting sociable and serious bridge. If  as a work-at-home mom you have kids in school, pursuing bridge one day a week or biweekly or monthly can be conveniently indulged in without needing a sitter.

So I say yes! There’s no reason why the work-at-home crowd can’t take the place of stay-at-home moms of the 50s and 60s to create a new generation of mid-day or morning bridge clubs. The work-at-homers need a break from their isolated work life just as much as those at-home moms ever did.

It would be  sad indeed if this new breed of at-home workers were to take up internet bridge instead of a face-to-face regular bridge club of real people.  It’s not good for you sociologists are saying to conduct both your work and social life on the internet.

I haven’t looked, but I’ll bet there are all kinds of blogs and Facebook pages where at-home workers connect  where the ACBL could market on behalf of taking up bridge. .

Incidentally, when they did that Wall Street Journal article, “In Florida, a one-woman campaign for the Ladies Bridge Lunch” I admit feeling  a bit hypocritical advocating something I no longer did myself–too old!  I was happy to see when I first read the article that the reporter, Lucette Lagnado, included a paragraph toward the end which made an honest woman of me by making plain that neither I nor most of my older bridge-playing friends, offer fancy luncheons anymore. We meet in condo recreation rooms with coffee and cake or have our bridge get-togethers at local restaurants, with lunch.

The concept of using the middle of the day to play bridge is the main thing anyway, even though I happen to believe that adding a food and eating component to any social get-together is unbeatable for bonding. Something about sharing food!! That’s why so many politicians patiently go to events with food and at least taste everything offered.

Today that can translate into having take-out food delivered at the right time, bring your lunch and I’ll provide the drinks and dessert, or arranging to play at a restaurant with a small room where one can play bridge and be served lunch.

And no reason why it should be ladies-only — can be a set of business acquaintances, or  men-only, or a bridge-teacher meeting with two or three tables of newcomers to the game.

In fact that’s the ideal way to take up bridge. Get together with four or eight people, choose your bridge teaching book to read at home, get together to practice, and at some point chip in for a teacher to mentor and teach your group as you improve.



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