30. Sociable Bridge: “Taking Bridge Down Memory Lane”

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is an article in the Walton Tribune that evokes the days of ladies-only-bridge-lunch in the 30s thru the 60s.

The author, Nowell Briscoe, is reading his New York Times over a restaurant breakfast, when he hears a sound, he says,  “that whisked me back, way back, to my early youth.” The shuffling of a deck of cards.

The two women playing cards in the restaurant sound like (from article) they’re playing cribbage. But the memories evoked for the writer are about bridge, his mother and grandmother.

Briscoe’s grandmother played so much bridge that when she died, an old friend of hers at the funeral commented she just doesn’t look right in that coffin without bridge cards in her hand. His mother learned the game from his grandmother and just naturally was absorbed into the world of bridge-playing that was pervasive back then in Monroe.

That restaurant incident leads him to take a trip to Monroe where he searches old issues of the local newspaper preserved on microfilm. There he finds the news of the Young Matrons Bridge Club, formed in the early 30s with his own mother amongst the core group forming the club. It lasted into the early 70s. Four of the original group still played bridge until shortly before they died.

But read the article yourself! You can copy/paste this URL to read the full text:

He closes, “Strange, how the sound of shuffling of cards can bring back such treasured memories from oh, so long ago.”


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