29. Sociable Bridge: How common is bridge in New England’s Senior Centers?

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The senior center in my town in New Hampshire, where I lived for almost 20 years, did not offer bridge,  a situation that doesn’t seem to exist here in Florida. So I loved getting an email from June in Maine and photo of her “very sociable bridge group” at Kennebunk Senior Center. Hence the title question.

The e-mail included a photo of  ten Down East Maine ladies showing off the hats they wore at a Kentucky Derby Day party held during lunch break of their Thursday bridge. No bourbon I trust?

Compared to bridge in New Hampshire, Florida was a revelation when I started coming here in the 90s as a part-time snowbird. Even without a car in Cocoa Beach (I used to rent one only when I had house guests) I could get to a bridge-playing senior center by bus. Several, if I was willing to do a bit of walking from the bus stop. Since then the old bus-accessible senior center in Cocoa Beach blew down in the 2004 hurricane and we meet in the Cocoa Beach Country Club.

Kennebunk of course is next door to Kennebunkport where President Bush #1 had his wonderfully situated summer home on a peninsula out of Kennebunkport. It was possible to drive on the road that sort of encircles it while at the same time providing the Bush family both privacy and a place easy for the Secret Service to make secure.  I used to wonder if he bought it with the possibility of some day being president in mind? Ideal for a president’s summer home.

It’s a wonderful area if you take a trip to Maine. Lobster available everywhere of course. There is a little town just south of Kennebunkport called Cape Porpoise, where there’s an outdoor picnic table kind of lobster place (forget the name) right on the water–supposed to be the Bush family’s lobster destination, accessible as it is by boat from the family compound. And there used to be a wonderful year-round Christmas store in that little town as well which may still be there.

Now here’s a neat variation on the bridge-lunch, for a fundraiser (quoted from the Kennebunk newspaper):

Wednesday, June 20 (2012) – Summer Solstice Sunrise Breakfast Bridge
It’s the the the  longest day of the year,  the first day of summer, and cause for celebration! This year the Summer Solstice Sunrise Breakfast Bridge will be held at the Nonantum Resort in Kennebunkport where you’ll start the day off with their fabulous River View Breakfast Buffet. Then, play bridge until your heart’s content or until 1:00, whichever comes first. Please sign up and pay by tables of four – $80 per table. 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

After posting #29, June sent me info about an online newspaper FULL of information on local things to do for the whole southern Maine coast–take a look at it if you’re planning a trip to the area!  www.touristnewsonline.com


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