25. Sociable Bridge: What husbands do on ladies’ bridge evening

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The situation of what to do with a husband when the bridge club came for the evening must have been common by 1946 when House Beautiful published a funny article, “Low Bridge” satirizing the plight of husbands when it’s time for  their wives to host the evening bridge club. Daytime bridge clubs began moving to the even as early as 1946 evidently.

Even when Bess Truman had her hometown bridge club to the White House for a bridge weekend, the newspaper story noted: “Mr. Truman will follow the pattern of many a good husband when the bridge club meets at his house. He’ll be away . . . .

Paul Murphy, author of “Low Bridge” feels on bridge night as if  he’s been put out for the night “like the cat.” And then enumerates his options:

You can’t stay and watch the ladies play he says–you’d be as “welcome as an ant in the sugar bowl.”

You can’t go to bed, it’s heaped with ladies coats. Homes were far smaller then than they became in the 50s–no family room to get comfortable in while the ladies play bridge in the living room.

Go to the movies or Lodge meeting? Bridge lasts too long–what to do the rest of the evening?

Mr. Truman found some official business to attend to away from the White House during Bess’s bridge weekend. 

As to Paul Murphy’s plight? He settles for sitting on a park bench under a street light writing that House Beautiful article.

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  1. Dear Maggy,
    I am a spring chicken (68) compared to you. Last summer I successfully competed in a sprint triathlon and came in 2nd in the 65-69 age group. (Out of the four hundred plus participants there were two of us in that age group.). the miracle was not that I finished, the miracle was I began.
    There are quite a few other things on my bucket list but the most important thing to me as I make my journey to my final days with Parkinson’s Disease is to die at the end of a great bridge encounter sitting upright and having the ability to control the cards and my mind.
    God Bless you for the added joy you have created for me with your Bridge Table Chronicles.
    Now I must get back to studying the rule of 2, the rule of 9, the rule of 11, the rule of 17, and of course all the rules of the “play of the hand.”
    Your NBF,

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