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Praise for Bridge Table or What’s Trump Anyway?

From the World of Bridge

Karen Dempsey,
“I saw this book reviewed in my monthly ACBL bridge magazine and knew I just had to check it out. . . . As I read I found myself saying, “Yes” that is how it” was . . . I recommend this book to anyone who playsbridge. . . .”

Paul Linxwiler, ACBL Bridge Bulletin, March
“. . . Simony will grab your attention with her wonderful history of contract bridge. . . . This is an
unexpectedly fun read.”

—Audrey Grant, Better Bridge (Nov-Dec 2009)
“There are millions of bridge players in North America, even tens of millions, yet only a small percentage are represented by the competitive bridge leagues. Maggy wanted a book that put a spotlight on the vast majority of players whom she feels are responsible for the growth of the game. . . . The game comes in many possible formats. The players decide what they want from the game. . . . decide what it will bring to their lives, and there are no apologies necessary for choosing to play sociable bridge.

—Claus and Raymond of
“All bridge players who have an interest in the evolution, history . . . of the game of bridge, should read this . . . . A fascinating and original perspective about the early days of yesteryear’s sociable bridge . . . addictive . . . . Maggy Simony has produced something lasting and original . . . introduced us to people who gave the game of bridge momentum and kept it alive, exciting, and sociable . . . and which continues to be played . . . by millions of bridge players . . . .  A unique time capsule.”

—David Scott, author of Dissertation: “An analysis of adult play groups: social vs. serious participation in contract bridge.” 
“Maggy Simony has provided a fascinating look at the world of sociable bridge. At one level, Bridge Table is an ode to a game that has brought enjoyment and community to millions of American women. On another level, the book provides historical and sociological insight into the rise and fall of a popular North American pastime. Although sociable bridge’s heyday is in the past, Maggy is optimistic that the game is due for a renaissance. Bridge players and students of popular culture alike will find Bridge Table an enjoyable and interesting read.”

—Jeff Bayone [Manhattan Bridge Club]
For someone like myself who has been in the bridge world for over 40 years, it was wonderful to visit those years just before I got involved . . . the in-fighting, the self-promotions . . . especially enjoyed the stories from the Culbertson era.

—Andrew Robson [Andrew Robson Bridge Club, London]
“I think it’s [Bridge Table] excellent – really. You’ve hit the nail on the head – breaking down the barriers [between serious and sociable bridge] is the key. . . . Bridge is enjoying a good resurgence over here – and as you say especially amongst the early retirees. That’s the market to focus on . . . .”

—Pamela Granovetter, Bridge Today
“The book is extremely refreshing and original—well done!”

Edward McPherson,The Backwash Squeeze & Other Improbable Feats—A Newcomer’s Journey into the World of Bridge
By turns humorous and honest, pointed and passionate—and, above all, with good table manners—Maggy Simony offers an insightful look at where sociable bridge has been and an optimistic view of where it might be going. Part affectionate history, part clarion call—Bridge Table is aces!”

From the World of Food

Jane & Michael Stern,
“Your book is wonderful and deserves wide recognition. The ladies luncheons described in Maggy Simony’s Bridge Table hearken back to an era that predates the nouveau chic of celebrity chefs and the blaring gaucherie of television cooking shows. Here is a way of dining that is all about charm, sociability and friendship—food as a way to share good times with others. This book is a virtual time machine taking readers back to those wonderful bygone meals.”

Dianne Jacob, Will Write for Food: The Complete Guide to Writing Cookbooks, Restaurant Reviews, Articles, Memoir, Fiction and more . . .
“A delightful look back at a time when ladies lunched on creamed and curried dishes and molded salads. Simony recreates bridge meals with affection and precision.”

From Others

Amy Faust, Morning Show Co-Host, 99.5 The Wolf, Portland, Oregon
“Maggy Simony’s book is delightful. Meticulously researched yet conversational and personal, it vividly—and often humorously—depicts an aspect of American life that hasn’t been covered much in print. Bridge Table made me want to whip up some chicken-salad-something-or-other, call up a few friends and spend the day at the table like my grandmother used to do.”

–Marla Paul, The Friendship Crisis: Finding, Making, and Keeping  Friends
When You’re Not a Kid Anymore
“After reading Maggy Simony’s terrific book, now I know what’s missing from my life. A weekly game of social bridge. Simony’s fascinating look at the juicy—yes juicy—history of the game is a real page turner. But her real purpose is to persuade a new generation of women that this stimulating game can provide the social glue of life-long friendships. Women today often feel lonely for friends but neglect to make regular time for them. Simony’s book will convince you that a weekly date around the bridge table is the perfect antidote.”

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