47-4. Nonagenarian Notions: “Do ladies still play bridge and have lunch”?

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Absent decesnt statistics for sociable bridge, I Google some version of that question now and then just for fun.  The other day I got  three citations that gave my nonagenarian bridge-playing heart a lift. In addition to several citations for this blog and my Bridge Table Book, three citations caught my eye that I liked–you may as well–and I subscribed to the two blogs I found:

1.  A bridge supply website that sells sets of Recipe Cards for food to serve while playing bridge along with playing cards and talleys and such.  Costs just $6.00, a great bridge prize and a site to browse for bridge accessories. I figure the website deserves a look, so here’s the link:  http://www.bridgecardsgames.com/mindinv.htm

2. “Why we should all play bridge” is a blog article by Marla Madison who is a mystery writer by profession. Best part is her photo indicates she’s not another old lady like me, quite young and pretty, making many of the same points I make in promoting sociable bridge as a great lifeskill to acquire early and enjoy the rest of your life.  In addition, Marla makes a point I’ve not made–for writers, belonging to one or more bridge groups is the ideal hobby providing as it does both mental stimulation and a “fix” of human contact and sociability needed as antidote to the many hours of solitary work necessary to writing.

http://damesofdialogue.wordpress.com/2013/07/22/why-we-should-all-play-bridge-by-marla-madison/?blogsub=confirming is the URL for Marla’s blog, and the number of comments her article got are worth a look by anyone engaged in writing or other at home activities that requires hours of at home alone time.

3.  “I want a housecoat and to play bridge” is a blog article by Eve Vawter at the mommyish.com website for new mothers. I loved it especially because of its demographic target and because turns out this blog was selected as one of 50 best in 2012 by Time magazine.  The article is a virtual ode to Retro 50s nostalgia I feel could be such a powerful theme for a strategic marketing plan. This is a blog for new mothers, but I suggest curious grandmas and great grandmas like me, read it for a peak inside the world of  young motherhood today. Read it all at





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