46-4. Nonagenarian Notions: It’s bridge-player Hazel Dunford’s 100th birthday!

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I like to post a comment here now and then on a nonagenarian or centenarian bridge player. This citation from my Google Alert arrived just today, and so it’s hot off the press of the Peterborough Examiner in Peterborough, N.H. where Hazel Dunford is evidently celebrating her 100th all weekend. On Sunday (the 6th) at the Rubidge Retirement Residence; on Monday with fellow bridge players and friends, presumably at the Peterborough Bridge Club.

If you read the whole article (see below), note the paragraph about how Hazel got started in bridge — it is so typical of what used to happen, and what I recommend when anyone says to me “I want to learn to play bridge, where do I go?”  Do what Hazel did–find three others who want to learn, get a beginner book and start.

“I started out playing bridge with four other people. We didn’t know that much about the game and so we had to learn it as we went along.”

That way you learn to play bridge without risking getting turned off on the game by taking serious bridge lessons from the beginning.  You’ll find out soon enough where you belong when it comes to playing bridge — in the sociable bridge world (like me) or the serious bridge world (like Hazel) — and when you can benefit from some bridge lessons or additional reading. How skilled you become at the game depends on you and your DNA.

From the news story, it’s clear Hazel was a natural for competitive bridge and moved onward and upward from that foursome. She not only played bridge at the Peterborough Bridge Club, but taught others and last December, the Club declared Hazel Day to celebrate “Dunford’s life and triumphs.”

If you copy and paste this URL to your browser, you can see a picture of Hazel and read the full story:


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