9-4. Nonagenarian Notions: Blogging by 90-year-olds

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After weeks of on/off Googling, I’ve about decided there aren’t any blogs by nonagenarians. I don’t mean contributing to a blog, I mean having one of your own that is current. That word “current” is key. Found possibilities, but then noted they were from 2008 or 2009–not updated. Ominous!

I came across a plaintive question–“Am I alone out here . . . .? from a nonagenarian blog with the title “90+ year olds” and asking for other computer-using nonagenarians to contact him–he’d created the blog with this objective.

I thought — exactly what I’m looking for! But then realized July 2009 (date of his blog) to almost March 2011 is an eternity in the decade when one turns 90. There were 5 comments–all dated 2010 except the last dated just a few days ago–February 22, 2011. It was posted by someone like me wondering if Mr. Melraski is still active and alive? I’ve written to both Mr. Melraski and that last person who commented. At this point I’d like to get to the end of the trail.

There’s loads of stuff ABOUT nonagenarians out there but not BY them.

One thought. Came across a citation about 90+ book authors–think I’ll check if any of them have websites that include a blog. Or perhaps just throw in the towel on this topic and hope to have other 90-year old blogsters with their own blog contact ME.

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