5-4. Nonagenarian Notions: Googling Social/Sociable Bridge

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Googling just plain “social bridge” is useless–it has too many meanings other than a card game.   Googling “sociable bridge” and citations come up about my own book. Google “sociable bridge AND cards” is far more productive.

Wisegeek includes a blog post I made myself a while back about how to learn to play bridge I’d forgotten I ever posted.

Buzzle.com tells of study at Berkeley that playing bridge improves one’s immune system.

There’s citations about two senior centers where bridge is played; one gay center in Australia; one gay center in London.

A citation about Breezy Bridge caught my eye–what a neat phrase, a place where bridge is never ponderous. It promises a “fun and easy” way to learn to play bridge–“we are about having a good time!”

Now there’s a name worth adopting for a new bridge club — the Breezy Bridge Club of  Baldwin or the Baldwin Breezy Bridge Club.


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