4-4. Nonagenarian Notions: Googling the phrase “play bridge”

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Odd bits of trivia one finds Googling!

Commenting upon the retirement of Regis Philbin, is this:  “Now he can go play bridge and chess with Larry King and bitch about how the world is going to hell in a hand basket like all the other has been senior citizens in NYC.”

Now there’s a couple of celebrities we could use to promote bridge! Not as busy anymore as Warren Buffett continues to be. Just more old people you’ll say. I know I know!  But it’s up to YOUNG people out there to find celebrities in their kind of music or pop culture who play bridge or willing to learn.  I’m so old I don’t even know their names.  I only watch politics, old movies, cooking shows and that show where people buy houses. And Mad Men because it is pure Retro 60s.

Here’s another  bit of Google trivia . . .

A blogger at lifamilies.com asks what do you give a 95-year old grandma?

That grandmother is described as having  “most of her marbles” and  lives independently. She plays bridge but refuses to play at the senior center because “she can’t stand those damn old people.” People like me?  If she can’t stand us, nobody can. She’s probably a former ACBL hugely competitive, Master Points chasing old lady whose skills are fading and those ruthless tournament players don’t want her around anymore–hence her appearance at the local senior center. We’re nice to fading-skills bridge players!

Couldn’t some sympathetic nearby young players volunteer to play with her once in a while?

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