6-4. Nonagenarian Notions: Googling ladies lunch/ladies bridge lunch

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Googling ladies lunch I found this: “ladies lunch is a way of getting dressed up to get together with other women and talk crap.”  Which, if you think of ladies lunch of my day is something like what goes on in those Real Housewives lunches  (whether Atlanta or Beverly Hills) is not a bad definition. Ladies bridge lunch was much nicer than that.

Carolyn Coggins, in her cookbook of the same name written in 1954  contrasted the benefits of a bridge lunch over just plain old lunch –“playing cards prevents gossiping amongst friends who see each other so often they have nothing new to say.”

Those Real Housewives need to learn to play bridge. Turn their toxic lunch into a lunch that sustains friendship. They have nothing new to say to one another and so they turn mean.

One of the things that fascinates me about Googling the term “ladies lunch” is the universality of that phrase, that alliteration. I’ve had results come up from Africa in places so esoteric I don’t know what country it’s from. From Angkor (wherever that is). From the Phillipines. Ladies get together and lunch all over the world and they all seem to call it just that, ladies lunch. Not women’s lunch, ladies lunch. As if by assembling at mid-day to eat lunch with other women makes them ladies.

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