7-4. Nonagenarian Notions: First-time Cruise

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I’ve just returned from my first-ever cruise–one week on the Norwegian Sun. It was organized for my circle of bridge-playing friends here in Florida.  I live near a major cruise port. People here think nothing of taking a 4-day a cruise at the drop of a hat for great last-minute bargains.

We played a lot of bridge and enjoyed a lot of leisurely eating. Delicious food! No buffets for the six of us who hung out together–we all liked being served, socializing, taking time for meals. All three of them!

The women with me (all much younger–in fact we figured out my room mate could have been my daughter at age 68!) were very solicitous, making sure I walked carefully and held my arm at curbs on one excursion I took. Much more care than I need, really, surviving quite handily by myself at home, but appreciated! Last thing I need for my morale would be to fall on my first cruise.

I doubt if I’ll ever be willing to lose more than 20 bucks gambling, or become an addicted shopper, but I certainly enjoyed just hanging out with friends in that setting–the bridge, leisurely talky meals, sitting out on the stateroom balcony early early in the morning before sunrise. If I went again, I’d bring one of those book lights to read by and take far less clothes.

The music in the evening shows was mostly not to my taste–not the fault of the cruiseline, the others enjoyed it. I’m so old and my tastes are stuck back in the 40s  popular music, and no later than 1880s for classical. I keep up with news and current events and politics–out-of-it when it comes to today’s music.

On the other hand, the Karaoke sessions on the ship were enjoyable–with so many retirees taking cruises the contestants figured out–if you want applause, sing standards. Which they did. I’d go to Karaoke every day if I took another cruise.

My one disappointment? For some reason I expected there to be movies available constantly. I was expecting to go to an after dinner movie most evenings. Someone has told me since I got home they did have movies on stateroom TVs, but I wouldn’t want to watch by myself in the stateroom.  I would have liked movies in a theatre after dinner–afternoons for bridge.


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  1. Get a small group from your area together — by twos or couples — and then approach a travel cruise specialist to find you a good deal. If you pull together 8 cabins (16 people) you can usually get a free one for yourself.


  2. The cruise sounds wonderful, Maggy! It made me reconsider why taking a cruise has never appealed to me. It all sounds very relaxing and a nice thing for retired people who are by themselves most of the time. The good food is also a major plus!

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