12-4. Nonagenarian Notions: Better-N-Nothing Bridge Club

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This is a Bridge Club in Zanesville, Ohio that’s met for seven decades! Now that’s the longest-lived bridge club I’ve ever come across.

I start my bridge book with a story about a bridge club in Washington that began in WWII and end it with an article about an Alaskan bridge club where members use walkers. Neither had met for 70 years!

The Better-N-Nothing Bridge Club was begun in 1940 by a few women working at the Borden Dairy. They met on Wednesday evenings, twice a month, dressed up for the occasion and have scrapbook records for all those decades. Today they dress for comfort. Along the way, as in all of these long-lived clubs, people died or moved away and newcomers filled the empty slots.

Here’s the link to read the entire Zanesville Times Recorder article by Holly Richards. Title is: “Longtime Zanesville card group keeps ladies active.”


The club I belonged to, began in 1960. I thought we were pretty good to have four original members left fifty years later in 2010 when I visited my old home town. We’re not even in the same league as Zanesville.

Starting 20 years earlier than our club, this Zanesville club still has four original members. There names are Bette Kullman, Becky Coulter, Pat Payne and Dorothy Tunis. Simple arithmetic tells me they all must be at least 90 years old. They no longer meet at one another’s homes as they did when it began. Instead, they meet at Emeritus–don’t know if that’s a hotel or restaurant or country club.

I have always wanted to find the oldest living bridge club in America–surely that honor must belong to Zanesville.

As to my bridge club, turned out 2010 was its last year. Today it has disbanded.

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  1. I wrote yesterday and spent the afternoon reading your articles.
    Maybe my friend who just turned 100 maybe the oldest player. She plays most of the conventions.


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