39-4. Nonagenarian Notions: “Is Bridge the True Florida Fountain of Youth?”

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is the title of Chapter 48 of my book. You know, at almost 93 I’m beginning to think it is!

There should most definitely be a proportionate marketing angle in any strategic plan to promote bridge that calls attention to the longevity of bridge players. And the relatively high morale they have due to the social benefits that come from playing bridge, not to mention the stories every now and then that playing bridge may be a key to reaching 90 dementia free. Bridge is at least a contribution to youthfulness in old age.

There isn’t a better lifeskill to acquire young and pursue over a lifetime.

Incidentally, “Are all bridge players old?” is another question Yahoo posted a while back. Can’t remember what if any answers were posted. What’s needed is to be able to answer that — “No, and they’re getting younger every day, but yes, many bridge players are GLORIOUSLY old because they stilll play bridge.”






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