37-4. Nonagenarian Notions: My Trip to New Hampshire

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Returned from my trip to New Hampshire, which was great except for one thing. Did something to my back that kind of immobilized me for almost 3 weeks. All I did was cough! But my PT daughter tells me that, at my age, even a simple cough can result in a stress fracture.  Painful! Nothing much you can do about it except not move so that it hurts more and take pain pills.

Worst thing (if you’ve ever had a back problem you know what I mean) is being unable to sleep in a normal bed. Sometimes a sofa works well (because it has a back you can lean against).  This time it didn’t — slept in a chair for 10 days of my visit to New Hampshire.

Now over most of the problem and find I must do a planned exercise/walking problem to make up for those weeks of not moving much. You can deteriorate fast as a nonagenarian–have to keep moving!

With all this, I still believe I will accomplish latest self-imposed schedule — finish thru 39 in October, and thru 52 before January 1.

Wish me good luck!


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  1. Maggy, back problems….the worst!
    You will get through this. You are a strong lady, and an inspiration to us all.
    Cathy from Dublin, New Hampshire

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