26-4. Nonagenarian Notions: I had a birthday on March 14th

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My 92d. There are two things notable about March 14th. I share the same birthday as Albert Einstein and it is Pi Day — you know that 3.1416 et cetera number you learn in high school math class?

My birthday was very different this year in various ways.

First, March was extremely hectic for me due to that article in the Wall Street Journal.

Then, we do a group birthday lunch in my Friday bridge group–celebrate anyone born in a given month on the same Friday. This year it was special because Maureen had that WSJ masthead and the article beautifully framed and all chipped in to give it to me. Normally, no gifts, just cards and treated to lunch.

Third–as it happened I became ill last half of the month, wasn’t feeling very well on the 14th and so my family took me out to dinner on Saturday the 17th instead. We tried a new restaurant with a large bar area and atmosphere was so festive–it being St. Patrick’s Day–that we decided then and there in the future we’ll always celebrate my birthday on St. Patrick’s Day. Much more fun than Einstein and Pi Day.

The month had a remarkable close as well–I ended up in the hospital getting three pints of blood! It was the first time since my youngest daughter was born in 1956 that I’d been in the hospital (except for those under-24 hour stays–eye surgery, a broken arm–they don’t even categorize as “hospitalization” under my health insurance).

Fine now, but it definitely set me back in terms of this blog and handling my explaoded email traffic! All that new, presumably younger, blood has to be good for me.


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  1. Maggy: I am sorry to hear you had a lousy end of March — I’m so glad you are feeling better. Loved this Issue 26 — especially your comparison of the Chicken Ala King recipes. My grammar school used to serve that every 2 weeks when I was a kid in the 60s over a half an English muffin and I HATED it! Awful yellowish gummy goo with flecks of chicken, no mushrooms but oodles of pimentos (which every child pushed out). But reading the recipe and understanding how rich and creamy this should be, I am going to try it out on friends soon. And definitely will use the sherry for added depth of flavor! Always my best regards!

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