22-4. Nonagenarian Notions: You’ve probably heard it on the News . . .

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“The oldest old are among the fastest growing segments of society” reports the Houston Chronicle. And I note that the five top states for the number of nonagenarians are New York, California, Florida (where I live) and Texas. The article says Texas is among the top five, but then doesn’t tell you which is the fifth. http://blog.chron.com/medblog/2011/11/report-average-u-s-centenarian-will-live-two-more-years/

The statistics are quite amazing: general life expectancy for women is now 80! That’s just for everybody. 78 for men.

Reaching 90, as I have, one can expect 4.6 more years. With my 92d birthday coming up in March, I’ve got (near as I can figure out) at least three more years! It’s a moving statistic, so that older I get the older I can expect to last. Even at 100 you can expect to live 2.3 more years.

Given my procrastinating Piscean nature, it’s not really good for me to read that there’s no particular rush to finish my goal of 52 blogs about bridge before I die.

Originally, I set a goal of finishing them in a single year–2011–which is why I hurried to get #1 published as close to January 1, 2011 as I could manage. Here I am, the year’s almost gone and I’m writing only #22. I think it just proves you can’t change your basic nature. I’ve been a lifelong procrastinator as well as someone who gets sidetracked by multiple major interests that overwhelm! Along with that, I can’t stand to live a disciplined scheduled life for more than a day or two at a time–brings out the rebel in me.

Most recent sidetrack is Buddy Roemer running for president on the Republican ticket. He’s MY candidate–only Republican I can consider voting for because he’s the only candidate in either party on my wavelength on my other cause (other than this bridge blog) — doing something about our disastrous trade policies.

I know I shouldn’t mix the two, but please — if you read this, just take time to check out buddyroemer.com and listen to a few of the tapes (or whatever they’re called) of Buddy speaking at various places. If you don’t have a candidate of your own–consider voting for Roemer.

Here in Florida they’ve summarily taken him off the ballot–I shall have to write him in!

Here’s to reaching 92!!






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