21-4. Nonagenarian Notions: Centenarians are not necessarily skinny!

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I swear that in the past when I’d see pictures of 100-year-olds (usually women) they were thin to skinny to bony to skin&bones. Lately, however, my Google Alert for “Nonagenarian” produces centenarians who have the full and relatively unlined faces of the much younger.  Take bridge-playing Ruth Kemp Mauldin Holcomb of Georgia for instance. Go to 


to read the whole interesting story. Does she look 100? Is she not still a pretty lady?

Not only did Ruth Holcomb celebrate her 100th birthday recently, but two sisters lived beyond 100–Agnes to 100 1/2 and Mary to 103. She’s the baby of the family. 

Her celebration was very special–held in the 200-year old historic Vann house where Ruth happened to have been born. Over the years she’s worked with Friends of the Vann House to restore it  These days Holcomb lives at Morning Pointe Assisted Living in Calhoun where they threw a second birthday party for her later the same day. 

Ruth just quit driving last year, and her daughter Lucia Eastham says in the article that “she’s in excellent health”. Family members now take turns driving her to play bridge twice a week at two different clubs.

From what I’ve seen in real life, and in the citations about 90-plus people my Google Alert produces, it’s good not to be too thin as one reaches the “old old” category of the nonagenarian–you look younger.


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  1. Haha! I was just googling (is that a real word?) my Grandmother and happened upon this blog! I loved it! Thanks!

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