16-4. Nonagenarian Notions: It’s never too late to take up bridge!

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I like to write about interesting elderly ladies (probably should start looking for a few men) who have reached 90 or 100 or so, and still play bridge. Most of them learned to play decades ago. A recent Google Alert unearthed Edna Britten of Beaverton, Oregon who didn’t learn to play until she was 87. It’s never too late to learn to play bridge evidently.

Edna celebrated her 101st birthday recently at the Hearthstone, an assisted living community in Beaverton, Oregon. See http://topics.oregonlive.com/tag/edna%20britten/index.html for the full story.

It is rather unusual to learn bridge at the late age of 87, but Edna, as the article says, has always been “nifty with numbers”–and we all know numbers people–engineers and such–are particularly good at playing bridge. She was a high school teacher of accounting, typing and French and did her own income taxes until a few years ago. 

Edna didn’t quit driving until 99, and celebrated turning 100 by talking via Skype to her son in Europe.

I’m at the age (91) when I must consider giving up driving. I promised (sort of) to quit at 90 and then reneged. It is possible to pay for a test of one’s ability to drive at rehab centers where it’s used to evaluate stroke patients and others. I believe I will do that at some point, or at the point where my physical therapist daughter suggests I ought to do it–and then take their advice on whether to quit driving or not.

Meanwhile I don’t drive after dark, or too early in the morning (sunrise is difficult),  or late afternoon in summer. This east coast area of Florida can have torrential rains around 4 pm for days in a row that make driving difficult. On the other hand, there seems to be far less traffic (from what I know) in this area than on the west coast and in the non-snowbird months (May-December) traffic is mostly light in the nearby roads I travel.

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  2. Thank you for taking the time to comment! So glad you enjoyed #16 — which is now quite old.
    But that’s o.k. I’ve just been very SLOW in completing the 52 blog goal I set for myself — if you use the archive list you can gradually read them all. Just posted
    #44 about the Regency Whist Club in New York.

    Since you posted this comment on #4 – nonagenarian notions – I must update you. I’m now 93 and have now given up my car. It was time! Still play bridge, still blog and struggle to keep up with all that, still quite fit for my age but not moving as well as I did even a few years ago.

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