47-3. Ladies Bridge Lunch: Ladies Wot Lunch is British for ladies who do lunch

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Just came across that phrase–ladies wot lunch–and it sent me off on a few hours of  entertaining Googling. How old is the phrase? Earliest mention I found was 2003. Does it imply less upscale ladies who lunch? Not necessarily. They are lots younger, looks like. Seems to be a language thing, of Yorkshire women challenging the language elitists of London as in this dialogue I found about the joys of retirement website.

“by PurpleLuv » May 23rd, 2013, 8:46 am

Retiring at your age, I’m on a mission now to become a “lady who lunches” too :lol:
by Busybee » May 23rd, 2013, 9:33 am
Purps, I have to remind you we are northern lassies therefore the correct terminology is ‘ladies wot lunch'”
Whatever–I love it!  Could it become an alternative in the U.S.A. to the ubiquitous ladies who DO lunch?   Brits have complained long about American vernacular polluting their English language–it’s about time we added a few British vernaculars to American English.
It may intrigue you, as it did me, that in Britain “ladies wot lunch” is the name of a 40-member MeetUp in northwestern England, is a term used by TripAdvisor there to describe a certain type of restaurant, the subject of paintings by artist Sarah-Jane Szikora, and the subject of a series of Berni Parker’s birthday cards for females.
You can view one of the cards at by visiting this website and the Art of Szikora.

I may just re-title the second edition of my book,  if and when I get it done to:  The Bridge Table: An affectionate look  at ladies wot lunch & play bridge–past, present, future




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