42-3. Ladies Bridge Lunch: A luncheon menu from Best of Bridge

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The first Best of Bridge cookbook was divided into Luncheons (high noon or midnight) , Buffets (including supper casseroles) and Goodies) desserts and cookies and such suitable for any bridge occasion.  Chicken or crabmeat crepes or quiche, the book’s first luncheon casserole recipe,  is absolutely perfect for an 80s luncheon. Basically the same ingredients but quiche is a lot easier–you can buy the shell. Crepes are more work to assemble and sauce.

Suitable-for-ladies-lunch menus seem to be the same in Canada as in the U.S. — creamy somethings “containerized” in shells, crepes (post WWII), or what the eight women call “boats”–halves of avocado. That too is post-WWII as are crepes and quiche. Tomato aspic is the perfect ladies lunch accompaniment.  It, however is a long-time classic gender food going back to the first Fannie Farmer cookbook in the 1890s. The Best of Bridge version uses Lemon Jell-O instead of plain gelatin.

I love the Best of Bridge suggestion for dessert with this menu. It’s exactly what I used to end up serving any time I entertained–ladies or not–except maybe Thanksgiving and Christmas. Ice cream with liqueur. I never could bake and all the recipes I would gather for a possible dessert usually ended up being discarded  and sending Bill out for ice cream and a few liqueurs. Expensive but easy. Sometimes I’d get fancy and crush Heath Bars or fruit to layer into the parfait.


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