41-3. Ladies Bridge Lunch: Is there no place for Ladies Bridge Lunch in Lost in the Shuffle?

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Probably not. Ladies bridge lunch is an anachronism. Even in the 60s, ladies bridge lunch clubs moved to the evening as members went off to work — and then back to daytime lunch when they retired or became too old to drive at night.  The clubs, however, survived.

Still, I can envision that if there is a Retro Revival of bridge, there could be a revival of  Retro modified bridge lunch.

For one thing, there’s the uptrend in working-from-home corporate jobs. A mid-day bridge club is the perfect way to take a break and get to socialize with other work-at-home people. And I just heard yesterday on TV that Millennials are all about entrpreneuralism–they’ve seen the pay for corporate jobs freeze or go lower, they don’t trust government programs my generation can depend on to last for them and so they’re trying to figure out ways of self-employment.

That too can provide the flexibility that would allow daytime bridge and Retro bridge lunch or bridge brunch.

Retired women, I can tell you anecdotally, are as fond of ladies lunch as women ever were, now that working doesn’t interfere.  But retirees, new or old, are not the bridge players the documentary film or the ACBL seem to seek to add as newcomers. They want the young.

In some future blog I will write about how come I think these past-youth women (early retirees) should, nevertheless, be a priority target in any Strategic Marketing Plan to bring back bridge.

Me? I advocate for bridge whenever I can, no matter what their age is.  I think I recruited my heart doctor’s nurse practitioner  (about 40) a week or so ago. She  commented that I really seemed very fit and active for 93. I always respond “that’s because I play bridge at least twice a week.” She said, “You know I’ve always wanted to learn to play “. . .
and that gave me my openng.

These days I finally have the name of a certified bridge teacher who won’t scare her with visions of months of hard work .  . . just teach her what I know she wants, enough to get started. I suggested she find 3 friends and hire the teacher to come to the house for two long bridge and brunch weekend days to start and then go on to ladies bridge lunch or supper or whatever fits  their work schedule with bridge teacher included as long as reqired.








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