39-3. Ladies Bridge Lunch: A Bridge Party Is a Way of Entertaining. . .

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and should not be ignored in a Retro Marketing Plan to bring back bridge.

As it happens, I have made just that mistake in marketing my bridge book — have never even tried to do anything with women’s home magazines, or cookbook websites and such.

I learned my lesson when the Wall Street Journal ran a story about me and my bridge book. What did the reporter do to get approval of the front page editors of that prestigious paper? Wrote about bringing back the bridge lunch–very little about bridge the card game. Title: “In Florida, a One-Woman Campaign for the Ladies’ Bridge Lunch.”

The reporter tells me, the reader response was so good she included that article in a talk she gave to Columbia School of Journalism students on “developing sources.”

Now I wonder, what was I THINKING to ignore the cookbook, culinary history, foodie world in books and on the internet in my own marketing plan?

Certainly if I manage to do a 2d edition of Bridge Table or What’s Trump Anyway? I would include that area in any marketing.

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