27-3. Ladies Bridge Lunch: Containments are Essential to LBL Menus

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In my book, I list the 13 classic essentials for planning ladies bridge lunch menus. Containments is #6. Containments are anything from toast points to patty shells to cream puff cases in which the “creamy somethings” or even salads, can be contained so as to provide an un-messy luncheon plate.

Toast points are self-explanatory–slices of toast cut into quarters on which the entree can be served. Toast Boxes were chunks of unsliced bread  in which a depression is cut, brushed with butter and toasted until brown. I would never suggest baking patty shells when they can be bought frozen so easily. Pastry is one thing–pie shells, patty shells, et cetera–that is improved by being frozen it seems to me.

As to cream puffs –I don’t think I’ve ever seen unfilled frozen cream puffs anywhere. But don’t back off from making them as too difficult! They look difficult but are surprisingly easy to bake yourself and yet will impress your guests as a huge achievment if you do so.  One pot, very few ingredients, and a simple-to-learn technique and you’ll be all set to make cream puffs whenever you wish from tiny puffs for appetizers to over-sized containers for the main dish of your  ladies lunch menu.

Any standard comprehensive cookbook has a recipe.


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