25-3. Ladies Bridge Lunch: 1946-1949, A Curious Gap in this Story

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Writing these last couple of blogs for this second “hand” (14-26), I’ve discovered a curious gap–lack of cookbooks for end of the 40s. I see two books listed in Bridge Table’s bibliography–Entertaining is Fun by Dorothy Draper (1948) and All Electric-Mix Recipes, published by mixer manufacturer Dohrmeyer (1946) but I don’t seem to have them in my collection.

And so I did some Googling. Actually Yahoo has been asked a couple times to suggest menus for a Retro 1940s lunch and found some interesting responses.

A chicken salad with peeled grapes and chopped walnuts added (today we could use seedless grapes), or a “fancy” tuna salad that incudes celery, minced sweet onion, and cubed apples as the main dish. Or perhaps a creamed dish on biscuits.

Three responses recommended tea Sandwiches: cucumber, pimiento cheese, egg salad, tuna salad, salmon salad.

Accompanying an array of tea sandiches it is suggested you add a Jell-o salad, fresh fruit, cheese cubes, or an assortment of cheese and crackers. One offers this esoteric suggestion: a fruit platter with marshmallow dip (half marshmallow cream, half cream cheese)

For dessert “trays of Dainties” from local bakeries or make up your own.

Punch, mock champagne, iced tea are suggested drinks.

As to atmospherics, skip the paper plates and plastic knives and forks. Have guests dress in 1945 dresses, high heels. And hats (I’ve seen magazine photos where the women played bridge with hats on.

Theme? A circa 1945 Victory Tea, or as a Retro bridge lunch for an elderly relative’s birthday.

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