22-3. Ladies Bridge Lunch: The Post-War Toll House Cookbook

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The original cookbook that made Toll House Cookies famous was published just before World War II, in 1940. As soon as the war came to an end in 1945, a new edition was published. Author Ruth Wakefield said that during the war, several new recipes had been given to her as she visited inns around the country. That cookie recipe (originally called Chocolate Crunch Cookies), was of course included in the new edition.

There’s pictures in this book of Wakefield’s table setting for a ladies bridge lunch. Ruth did NOT serve her bridge-playing friends at card tables but in the dining room. There’s a centerpiece of china figurines and flowers and placemats.

Here’s how I describe the lunch being served in my book, Bridge Table or What’s Trump Anyway

“On each plate is an apple stuffed with mashed swirled sweet potatoes, gingered carrots . . . . separate salad plates with individual molded tomato aspic rings filled with cottage cheese . . . . coconut shells filled with Hawaiian Chicken waiting to be served.”

Signs of the times–“there, between the place settings is what looks like a leaf-shaped dish holding two cigarettes for an after-lunch smoke.

Incidentally, that Hawaiian Chicken qualifies as an example of #5 on my list of  “13 Classics for a Retro Ladies Bridge Lunch–will write about that in #23-3.


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