20-3. Ladies Bridge Lunch: Seafood a’ la Riseholme is classic #4

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One “creamy a la Riseholme recipe for seafood” is fourth on my list of the 13 classic dishes for a Retro ladies bridge lunch.*  [Explanation of the a’ la Riseholme (pronounced Rizzum) is in the blog on Sociable Bridge in this #20 issue of the Chronicles.]  Actually, that one creamy seafood casserole could be anything from Shrimp Wiggle to Crabmeat on Toast to meet reqirements of classic ladies lunch.  

Lobster a la Riseholme  is basically Lobster Newburg with enhancements, and an unusual way of finishing off the sauce–put it in a 350 oven for 20 minutes. This well may be the “secret” that Lucia would simply not share with Miss Mapp–a major happening in the plot of Make Way for Lucia by E.F. Benson. And in the book, Lobster a la Riseholme was the menu for a dinner bridge, with men present as well.

Source for the recipe was given by the British Tourist Association  as http://qpd.net.com/lucia. Even today, decades after Benson wrote his Lucia series, if you Google Lobster a la Riseholme you will get numerous sources for the recipe.

One thing is true–no matter the particular recipe you use, anything with lobster is expensive.

 *In Card #50 of Bridge Table or What’s Trump Anyway?











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