1-4. Nonagenarian Notions: Why include the old in a blog about bridge?

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Because I turned 90 myself shortly after publishing Bridge Table or What’s Trump Anyway?  I give playing bridge a lot of the credit for reaching 90 dementia free, and truly believe it is the one lifeskill everyone should add to their coping ability for living a long life. Nonagenarians (and octogenarians and centenarians) will be a regular part of this blogezine’s format.

Another reason to include nonagenarians in Bridge Table Chronicles  is that the first ever rule book on whist, direct ancestor of bridge, was written by Edmund Hoyle who, after a lifetime of playing his era’s version of bridge, died in his 90s. If only 2% today live to 90, think what an achievement that was in the 18th century? That book, incidentally, A Short Treatise on Whist, written in 1742 is still in print.

As to my overall goal for this website of promoting bridge to boomers and their kids–why not make the bridge-playing “old old” one of the PR positives for selling bridge to the young?

Boomers want to live forever don’t they?


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  1. I think my 42 year old daughter is interested, finally. She and 3 of her friends are going to take bridge lessons! She asked me about my groups and I said it is so fun playing bridge with women and lunch too, and what fun we have.

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