1-3. Ladies Bridge Lunch: “A Special Kind of Oasis that Excluded Men”

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That definition of  ladies lunch is from “Let’s Do Lunch” by Jody Shields.

Bridge Lunch deserves this place in the Bridge Table Chronicles format because the only paper trail for sociable bridge (vast majority of bridge players) is found in old cookbooks and women’s magazine articles on entertaining. As to status in popular culture studies, food history trumps bridge in the number of scholarly dissertations and books written.

Ladies lunch–and ladies bridge lunch–belong in the genre of foodie history described so wonderfully in Laura Shapiro’s Perfection Salad. Despised by the culinary elites (just as their bridge game was despised by bridge establishment elites), the classic menus and recipes of ladies lunch range from delicious to preposterous.

Like 2. Sociable Bridge, blogging here will mostly derive from research done writing my book. I’d also like to hear from cookbook collectors who know of books and articles on bridge and entertaining at bridge.

In any case, comments that the ladies bridge lunch doesn’t belong in Bridge Table Chronicles are futile–it belongs!

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