Top 50 Bridge Clubs in 2013

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Hi to all bridge players, sociable and serious . . .

The ACBL puts together each year a list of the top 50 bridge clubs in terms of number of “tables”—and this is a kind of analysis of the results in 2013 as compared with 2012. I am always struck by the lack of bridge statistics – or perhaps they’re gathered and not shared?

I can’t tell from statistics I see if serious bridge is flourishing or not!! As to sociable bridge, there never has been any way to count them.

Still, when I Google, when I scan the citations that come up for “play bridge” it does seem to me that bridge – at least here in Florida – is growing. And yet, realistically, I know that many bridge players in 80s and 90s (people I’ve played with) have passed away. I do believe there’s an uptick in the older boomers – not so sure about younger boomers.

One club in St. Louis, only a year old, went to #15 on the list of top clubs in 2013. They must be doing something right!

maggy simony
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