46. Bridge: Retro 90s & two Manhattan bridge clubs

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Articles appeared in major New York newspapers in 1996 about the Manhattan Bridge Club and the Honors Bridge Club–harbingers that bridge was in Retro.

The New York Times in its article about the Manhattan Bridge Club referred to its owner, Jeff Bayone, as “master of this [bridge] universe . . . a drill sergeant . . . a Jewish mother”–in teaching bridge. But when asked if he could possibly be the new Goren or Culbertson, Bayone responds, “No, I just don’t think of myself that way.”

Googling the Club, it is described as one of the oldest, largest, most beautifully designed clubs in the country, offering great food as well and flourishing today.

As to the Honors Club, that sounded in the 1996 article in the New York Post as if it were more “social” than the Manhattan. It mentions Blaine Trump and Susan Soros  among its member ladies who lunch and play bridge.  And even its website today sounds as if it is a bridge club for both serious and less serious players? A look at its website tells me the Honors Bridge Club today is thriving, offering games and teaching from beginner thru “non-life masters” level.

The Honors Club is located on the upper East Side of New York offering “beautiful facilities, fabulous food, great bridge and lots of fun.”

I would love to know if the age range of each club has gone down in the years since 1996 when each made the pages of a New York newspaper? That would be an interesting statistic.






We have probably created
more bridge players

than any other club in the country.
Our approach to learning
has become the industry model. 







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