43. Bridge: The Tahoe Donner Bridge Club story

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If I had anything to do with producing a documentary film about bridge “today” the Tahoe Donner Bridge Club would be an “on location” part of it. This club is an example of Late Boomers, 55-64 roughly, belatedly taking up bridge in retirement. They are doing exactly what needs to be done to restore that inter-generational link between bridge-playing mothers and their daughters that used to exist until the 60s.

Here’s excerpts from the TahoeDonner Bridge Club story:(See http://www.tahoedailytribune.com/northshore/nnews/6127103-113/bridge-game-required-truckee)

Sharilyn Nelson, who started the club, moved to the area in 1995, found “no bridge in the mountains” and so in 1998 started the Club with just one foursome. Today the club’s semi-monthly Friday morning meetings draw five tables on average,  and if the entire membership all played at one time there’d be twelve.

Kathleen Semrad has lived here for 23 years and “couldn’t find a partner 23 years ago . . . Now, I could play five days a week” . . . she’s noted significant growth in bridge and credits it to “the aging baby boom generation [who] have time to play . . . they are either coming back to it and updating their skills or interested in learning the game.”

Semrad said, that for newcomers bridge had become a good way of becoming integrated into the community.  People like Marilyn Elgas who moved here five years ago from Phoenix.  The Club has provided her not only an opportunity to meet people but a network for  information about the community. Said Elgas: “This is the most welcoming group . . . the minute I came here, everyone was so welcoming and so kind.”

David Rowe was “raising a family and working, and didn’t have much time for bridge  prior to the start of  the Tahoe Donner Bridge Club . . . he’s been playing more than he ever has in the past eight years.”

Susan Ritchie says what she likes about bridge in Truckee is “you can choose to be as much of an expert player as you want to be . . . if you jut want to play social party bridge, plenty of people are happy to do that. If you want to really get into it . . . get better and better, there’s a place for that too.”

In addition to the Tahoe Donner Bridge Club which meets the 2d and last Friday morning of the month, there’s now also in this mountain area:

Duplicate bridge every Monday morning at Rosie’s Cafe in Tahoe City
Bridge (doesn’t say what kind) Tuesday evenings at the Tahoe Biltmore in Crystal Bay
Bridge Thursday mornings thru lunch at the Community Rec Center in Truckee
Bridge Wednesdays at 2 p.m.  at the North Star Homeowners Rec Center in Truckee.

Now I’d like to find a club like this one that has added a sons and daughters of Late Boomers division to their reach out–probably have to meet in the evening being of working age. Or an Early Boomers division (48-57) if such exists.


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