24. Bridge: Celebrating bridge on Wall Street Journal’s front page!

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Forgive me for being self-indulgent and unseemly in exulting over that front page Wall Street Journal article on February 29 about me and bridge and bridge lunch. I’ll get over my 15 minutes of fame at this late age, and by Blog #25 will be back to nagging the bridge establishment about what they ought to do to promote bridge to the younger and young.

Title of the article is lovely– “In Florida, a One-Woman (that’s me!) campaign for the Ladies’ Bridge Lunch”–and right on my wavelength. The best way to promote bridge is as a social skill, and as a Retro way of entertaining that was once hugely popular in America–and deserves to be so again.

[You can get a citation for the article by Googling “Wall Street Journal Maggy Simony”] 

I’m still recovering and kind of swamped with feedback–so indulge me in Blog #24 about the various ways the WSJ article is so great for me and the bridge “cause.”

I know, I know, there are serious bridge players–if they read the article, or read this–who find it almost sacriligious to speak of the most challenging card game in the world in the same sentence with ladies bridge lunch menus. But the fact is, it was just those social bridge clubs of the past that turned bridge into the fad it became.

And serious bridge grew into a fad as well because of Culbertson targeting all those bridge playing women. Many of those women became bored with low-level bridge and moved on up to duplicate bridge. Or they had children who learned to play from mom and turned out to be tournament players. How often do you read of tournament players who say–“I first learned to play bridge from my mother.”

That’s how to make bridge the pop culture phenomenon it once was–make it part of social life of families. If there is a boost to Retro bridge parties as result of Wall Street Journal’s article whether Retro bridge lunch, brunch or dinner–whatever–that’s exactly what’s needed.

I’ll end this self-congratulatory blog with just one thing–and never brag again.  In the article, I”m referred to as a “lay anthropologist”–think I’ll leave instructions to put that on my gravestone.










3 Responses to 24. Bridge: Celebrating bridge on Wall Street Journal’s front page!

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  2. I live in Lorane, Oregon and I don’t often read THE NEW YORK TIMES, but I’m glad I bought a copy of it at the newstand when I did. The article that I read first was “In Florida, a One-Woman (that’s me!) campaign for the Ladies’ Bridge Lunch.” We had an informal bridge club in high school back in the days when people still spoke to one another face-to-face. I plan on starting a bridge (and other games) once a month get together with each participant bringing a special dish of their choice. Life is too short not to do the things we really resonate with. Thanks Maggy!

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