21. Bridge: We need a “cool & sexy” bridge tournament

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http://www.ibridgeplayer.com is a website out of London written by Mark Pharaoh. It first caught my attention a few months back  with his blog titled: “Breaking News: Contract Bridge is not Cool or Sexy.”  At last I’d found a bridge blog on my wavelength! ABOUT BRIDGE, not just about how to play a bridge hand. And on a topic that I routinely write about as well, how to attract more newcomers to bridge.

This #21 blog is inspired by a more recent Pharaoh blog with the title: “At last . . . the way to make Bridge Cool & Sexy.”  The secret is EVENTS. Events, says Pharaoh, that engage the human need to BELONG. But read the blog yourself at URL above.

Says Pharaoh: “Golf has the Ryder Cup, Cricket has the Ashes . . . ” and I thought–wait a minute!  Bridge already has a Ryder Cup–it’s called the Buffett Bridge Cup. Not only is it patterned after the Ryder Golf Cup (biennial, held alternately in the U.S. and Great Britain), but it’s scheduled just prior to the Ryder Cup for maximum publicity.

As it happens, that Buffett Bridge Cup was one of the first things I blogged about when I started Bridge Table Chronicles in January 2011.  And that’s because when I first learned of the Buffet Bridge Cup tournament, I thought, “Shades of Ely Culbertson and the great matches of the 30s between America and England! What a great idea to link it to the Ryder Golf Cup.” Only to be disappointed at what I found. [See 3-1 and 4-1]

The truth is we need the Establishment, or a few people from within it, to advocate a new and populist national bridge tournament and get Mr. Buffett to tweak the Buffett Bridge Cup  tournament he’s established,  so that more people watch it on their computers and eventually it moves to TV. Like poker.

Is that a reasonable goal? Or an impossible dream?

More to come in #22.






to Bridge Table Chronicles and written about it on her website. (         ) has written me as follows:



R Go read the whole article for yourself. Essence of it is that certain games/sports propel themselves beyond the sport itself.

“They engage a basic human need . . . the need for each of us to feel that we belong.”

It opens with ”



Ping Pong, Chess, Cricket are winners; Rock Climbing, Squash, Bridge are not.



We come from very different backgrounds–both in bridge and real life. He’s young I’m one of the old ladies that give bridge a negative image that must be overcome. He’s a serious bridge player, I don’t ever want to play other than stress-free sociable bridge.  The thing is, however, turns out–entirely independent of one another–we come to similar conclusions at times. His blog “Cool or Sexy” blog elicited many comments. Anyone interested in the future of bridge should read his blog (and mine) as well as comments–and contribute your own.

I decided the other day, to

araoh believes, as well, that bridge blogs need to dialog and promote one another. And I agree with that!

And Pharaoh has something I do not have! Experience in the world of serious bridge, especially since the “old lady” image is generally believed to be one of the major roadblocks to making bridge “cool and sexy” for a young audience.




where its publisher seemed to be on my wavelength. We come from totally different backgrounds in both bridge and real life–but, like me, promoting bridge is something of an obsession with Mark.

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  1. You are right to highlight the Buffet Bridge Cup… Trouble is, I sent an email to them about various things and had no reply. It is not a tournament that takes itself seriously. It lacks vision and professionism.

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