Sagamore Bridge Club invites social bridge players . . .

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May 31, 2015

 This exuberant invitation from the Sagamore Bridge Club on Long Island to social bridge players to join them was sent to me by one of my Long Island subscribers–she knew it would warm my old heart!

“Join us with your friends for your own social game of bridge. You will NOT be rotated into our duplicate game, you will NOT be compared with other players, you will NOT be subject to a time clock, you will NOT be judged etc. As a matter of fact, we won’t even disturb you!”

It is exactly the sort of “reach-out” by ACBL clubs to local social bridge players that ought to happen, if a club can figure out how that can be a win-win situation.

Sagamore already offered coffee, snacks and buffet lunch to its serious bridge participants, has a separate room available, and so could make the offer for $10 per person to social players–and their pros will answer bridge questions if asked!

Another service Sagamore offers is just so great. If you’re a lone bridge player, or a bridge partnership looking for a place to play, Sagamore invites you to email them and they’ll try to put you in touch with other social players.

I love the idea of an official ACBL bridge club acting as a kind of “meet up” place for bridge players to find one another–often difficult for social players. We’re what I term “subterranean” in our existence, just word-of-mouth, and these days the local senior center.

Sagamore offers a program for beginners in duplicate–who knows, just being there and feeling comfortable playing bridge may encourage some of those social players to try a beginner duplicate group. Just the other day, someone at the senior center told me she’d really like to play duplicate and more disciplined bridge but too scary to make the move.

Or, how about a social bridge group moving on up to what was once called “friendly bridge”? [Duplicate rules but no masters points involved.]

I’m hoping after some months of experience with what seems like an experiment, that results at the Sagamore Bridge Club will be reported by the ACBL Bridge Bulletin.

I grew up on Long Island, and so I know just where Sagamore Bridge Club is there in Syosset. I believe Sagamore is also the name of Teddy Roosevelt’s home–a standard school trip for my kids living as we did in Bayport on Long Island. Brings back memories.




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