Only bridge game in town: What if that’s ACBL’s goal, or

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at least that of a major faction within the ACBL?  What if what I see as the sad state of bridge among the younger and young when it comes to sociable bridge they see as bridge as it should be? And good riddance to us as we die off. You don’t have to be paranoid to suspect my what ifs are true!

Two happenings in recent past add to my paranoia–when I’m in a pessimistic mood.

Lost in the Shuffle is the working title of a documentary film on bridge scheduled for launching by the end of 2013. There was a director, a trailer made and, reportedly, major funding in place and support of the bridge establishment.

Being me, I envisioned an Indie film something like Word Play, a film about crossword puzzle addicts, that successfully broke out of the film festival circuit a few years back. I actually viewed it in mall on Long Island with my sister. It was great and you didn’t have to be a New York Times crossword puzzle addict to enjoy it. I figured a well-funded Indie documentary on bridge could do that too! Intrigue a whole new audience of younger people who go to Indie films into taking up bridge.

Today, that project seems to have simply faded away. There was a “trailer” made and available on the internet — what happened?  Where did it all go?

Hi! My name is Annie and I am a graduate student at VCU Brandcenter. Thus, began another roller coaster ride for me when it comes to the ACBL and bridge. Annie went on to ask for my in-put in responding to a challenge she, and a team of graduate students, had been given to “bring Bridge back to life.” I Googled VCU Brandcenter and found it is probably THE leading graduate program in the country on Retro marketing and bringing back “brands” that once were big big (like playing bridge). Their projects are mostly for “real clients”–creating real strategies for existing brands.

My impression was Annie’s project was for the ACBL and somehow part of the bridge promotion activities of Warren Buffett and Bill Gates.

I thought, this is IT, Maggy! What you always dreamed of, a truly big, funded strategy by experts on Retro marketing that would do for bridge today what Ely Culbertson did in the 20s. And by marketing pros who wanted my in-put, not just that of the bridge establishment! We did, in fact, have a two hour conference call a week later.

Upshot? That too, like the documentary film, seems to have just faded away. I can find no evidence Googling of what their final report recommended, or that there was any implementation of it. When I Google Annie, she’s evidently graduated and works in Ohio NOT (as I hoped and dreamed) for Buffett and Gates promoting bridge.

There are days I feel kind of like Linus — always hopeful, only to have mean Lucy dash those hopes.

I promise a cheerier blog next time.

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