It’s better to play bridge badly, than not to play bridge at all!

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That’s because learning to play bridge—badly or expertly—is one of the best life skills you can acquire to reach 90 dementia-free, enjoying life. As promised in my March 4 e-mail, I’m launching this revised website before my 94th birthday—got a “sign” I should continue blogging at least one more year. This is the FIRST blog for 2014. 

I’d been mulling it over since December having completed all 52 Bridge Table Chronicles in December. Without a deadline I can “think” and dabble forever!

Then I got a phone call from Al Levy, Director of the 24th ACBL District to say he’d like to visit me on March 3rd to present an award from the CEO of the American Contract Bridge League! And urging me NOT to end my blogging without saving those Bridge Table Chronicles some place. 

Well! That phone call made my day . . . my year if I think about it. I did know I had some fans amongst the bridge table establishment–and that Mr. Levy was among them. I honestly didn’t, however, expect that appreciation (or even liking what I do!) extended to the official Board of the ACBL. 

And so . . . after a few sheepish regrets over my frequent criticisms in Bridge Table Chronicles of ACBL’s marketing strategies–I notified Joanne, my Virtual Website Assistant in Oregon, that I was done with mulling things over, let’s get a revised up and launched–ready or not–by my birthday.

When we met for the first time on March 3rd, certificate from the ACBL read:

“Maggy Simony is recognized as a Golden Age Master of the American Contract Bridge League in 2014.” And there was a note from CEO Robert Hartman thanking me for promoting bridge to “both social and duplicate players . . . I truly appreciate all you do for the game we love.”

What a neat thing for a bridge player who has yet to adopt the weak two bid and is rules resistant, preferring to wing it when playing bridge. It is all the motivation I need to blog for another year. At this age–good as I basically feel–feedback from others is important to maintain an up-beat attitude day after day. Remember that if you have relatives over 80!

Goals for The Bridge Table Blog for 2014?  Under 500 words, as much about the bridge opinions of others as mine, a website of positive dialog amongst bridge players from the two worlds of bridge–Serious, Sociable–suggesting SOLUTIONS to growing and marketing bridge for this new millennium. Can be blog comments, guest blogs, reprints of other bridge blogs, off the record e-mails–whatever!  

I do not Twitter and have no plans to do so.


Note: A topical index of Bridge Table Chronicles is something I’ve wanted to do–it will be added to the Bridge and Sociable Bridge links when done. As to Ladies Bridge Lunch and Nonagenarian Notions segments, they will remain in Archives until I figure out what to do with them. 

2 Responses to It’s better to play bridge badly, than not to play bridge at all!

  1. Enjoyed your newest blog ! Thanks for continuing with your promotion of bridge !
    I have memories of my Mother’s bridge club in the 1960’s, even though I am in my 50’s , so I will send along a note to you about that soon.
    Your Deal !

  2. I’m glad you’re back “blogging” and I look forward to more in the future.
    I am going to send you a note about “weak two’s” written by Culbertson in the late thirties.

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