Bridge: “Talking schnitzel and bridge at Euro Kafe”

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May 24, 2015

That was the headline last week for a Florida Today article by Suzy Leonard. Suzy’s column invites readers to suggest a restaurant she ought to visit. I recommended the Euro Kafe near where I live, she invited me to go along (I didn’t expect that), and this is the result:

I loved her closing to the article — “Maggy was right about Euro Kafe [delicious food]. And I’m sure she’s right about bridge. Maybe it’s time I learned to play.”

How did we end up talking about both food and bridge while we had lunch? As happens often with nonagenarians, new people I meet often want to know, “what’s your secret?”

Which gives me an opening to shamelessly talk about my “cause” — sociable bridge — and I can do this sincerely. I really do believe that playing bridge has made all the difference in the world in the way I am experiencing being a nonagenarian and others who don’t play.

True, there’s the gene factor. And as it happens I never smoked because I couldn’t learn to inhale, And I just naturally  don’t like carbonated anything, except maybe champagne–and so I’ve never guzzled huge bottles of soda.

Nevertheless, as someone pretty expert on growing really old and still enjoying life I would place playing bridge amongst the best life skills you can acquire if you insist upon living a long time.

“Nobody needs you when you’re old and gray”(as that song says)–a bridge three-some needing a fourth can be the exception into late late old age.






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