Bridge Table Blogging in 2015

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February 2015

This is an apology from The Bridge Table for taking a month off from blogging — I won’t go into the various good and not-so-good excuses!

In brief, it simply took to the end of January to get my enthusiasm back (maintaining that is one of the keys to a good old age).

A couple of news items and a Sunday session brainstorming triggered a return of enthusiasm for bridge blogging and writing. A New Year’s pledge to my daughter I would absolutely get my damned papers and den in order before my 95th Birthday in March will help me to stay the course!

One of those triggers was a new-to-me dissertation on bridge by the former head of the Spanish Bridge Federation (Michael Mestanza) published in 2007. He makes a scholarly case for teaching bridge at universities–something the ACBL could well add to its bridge promotion activities. As soon as I digest the scholarly language, I’ll blog about it

The other trigger is a BBC News segment a few days ago about a newly opened game café in London. The concept of a game cafe intrigued me because I wrote about just that in Bridge Table or What’s Trump Anyway? back in 2009–the last chapter segment about Bistro Bridge at the Blue Parrot.

As to Sunday brainstorming (while listening/watching the TV political shows), that was inspired by sorting through the heap of “stuff” on a shelf labeled Revised Edition of Book. Re-kindled curiosity!

What would a Revised Bridge Table be like five years after writing the original? It would have a new title, new cover for sure — incorporate stuff not used in the first edition, update things, incorporate some blogging. Why not do that? Just thinking about it gets me enthused!

I’ll use a bit of game-playing from now on  — no work on a new book until daily stint of work  on the chores of life, bridge blogging, keeping my New Year’s pledge are done.  The fun of planning a new book will be my daily reward!

At my age, you have to play games like that sometimes, to keep on keepin’ on.


One Response to Bridge Table Blogging in 2015

  1. You go, girl! Early birthday wishes from Port St. Lucie, FL. I started writing a comment on the duplicate/social bridge thing, but my computer dumped me out of it before I finished.

    Short version: The social players around here are quite vocal about the nasty attitudes so prevalent in duplicate circles (or squares, more accurately). A few folks who started with our social start-up at the local community center did go on to duplicate (at least one had played social at some time previously, and once refreshed, they wanted a higher level of play than most of our people at that time could provide).

    The majority have stuck with social, the more relaxed version on one day, and/or the more advanced play on another. The biggest “problem” I’d say we had, at least short-term, was a few duplicate players who used the social games to “practice.” They tended to be very intolerant of mistakes or slower-paced play … the very characteristics that turn so many people off about duplicate.

    Perhaps if there was a “social” version of duplicate available, more people would play both ways. Maybe Duplicate A and Duplicate B? I’m only half-serious … and like a lot of more serious social bridge players, I pay attention to my errors (and those of others) in order to improve.

    Some would rather simply play and whatever happens, so be it. Seems to me there’s enough room in the game for people to get whatever they want from it. So keep your pity, Steve … we’re having fun!

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