Bridge–Simple Goren, continued. Attn: ACBL Clubs

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December 3, 2014

It was a near-perfect newspaper article in the Charlotte Observer that led to my last blog about Paul Mitchell and playing bridge in Charlotte NC. This is a unique article. It gives equal time to both serious and sociable bridge in the Charlotte area. It gives contact information for taking bridge lessons in both social and serious bridge. And its opening paragraph and Want to Play? invitation right at the top are just right.

Why should an ACBL club copy this model? Because it solves the inherent problem an ACBL Club faces when composing a press release — making the opening paragraphs inviting, grabbing the attention of the wide newspaper readership just scanning for articles of interest. Unfortunately, I cannot give you the link to the full text article because the newspaper withdraws that link after 30 days and this was published several months ago.

Here’s the opening paragraph of the Noe article.

Bridge is quite a popular game in south Charlotte. Hundreds of enthusiasts can be found testing their skills daily at the Charlotte Bridge Association and in churches, country clubs, restaurants, recreation centers and private homes. There are tournaments and traveling games, beach and mountain bridge retreats, and even cruises to attract the players.”  (Underlining is my emphasis.)

In addition to the all-embracing populist tone of that opening paragraph, next to it in the 2-column format of the article is this invitation “Want to Play? Contact Charlie Babcock or the Charlotte Bridge Association, where lessons are available for all levels of play. If you want to play “fun bridge” contact Paul Mitchell.” 

Anybody scanning the newspaper gets a total pitch right at the top. Even if you’d never heard of the game of bridge, that opening and invitation might make you stop and read on . . . take a chance on showing up at one or the other place for bridge lessons.

The article is almost like a free ad on behalf of bridge–can you do any better than that when it comes to press coverage?

I repeat: all ACBL Clubs should take a look.

As to Mr. Mitchell’s Simple Goren? Soon as I get the details and he gives permission, I’ll blog the details.


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