Bridge-playing Centenarians

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This morning, a story about Brenda Vickery, just turned 100, in The Argus out of Sussex England finally got me back to blogging after a hiatus of many weeks. “I play bridge,” says Brenda, “Which I think helps keeps the mind sharp.” Bridge plus “sea air, a good gin and tonic, and lots of walking” is her secret to a long life.

Mona (age 105) and Maggy (age 95)
Mona (age 105) and Maggy (age 95)

I met another bridge-playing centenarian right here where I live in Florida, but she’s having difficulty getting a table together anymore, at 105. Yes 105! I’d read in the local newspaper about Mona celebrating each birthday since 100 at a local restaurant, reaching 105 in October 2015.

I was able to get her phone number, called her out of the blue explaining who I was, I lived nearby, and at 95 almost never met anyone older than me, and would she like to have lunch so I could meet some one ten years older.  She never hesitated, just said that would be nice and so we arranged for a restaurant meeting and lunch.

Like Brenda in England, Mona in Florida has played bridge all her life, and she too drinks wine–but not until 4 P.M. Nevertheless we did indulge at lunch, and here’s a picture of the two of us plus a link to read the full story about Brenda Vickery.

Unfortunately what these two happening have done to me is trigger my naturally procrastinating nature! Instead of feeling pressured to blog and finish one last book about bridge before turning 96, I find myself back thinking as if I’ll live forever!

For sure, I plan to reach 100 and possibly even to “survive to 105” as that song Young at Heart says. I don’t mind as long as I’m enjoying life and friends, as these two are, and able to play bridge a couple times a week.

I’m hoping this blog will finally get me back on some kind of blogging schedule.

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