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April 10, 2014

Bridge MeetUps are a part of the national/international Meet Up organization on the internet. If you’ve ever wanted to get connected with social bridge players in your area–beyond ACBL clubs–consider two citations I came across while Googling “play bridge” last week. One is from Austin, Texas the other from London, England:

“This group is dedicated to keeping the card game of bridge alive. The mission is to share your knowledge with people who are interested in the game. This group is not for the hard core, but for those who enjoy the game and want to play more and spread the word.”

The website then lists the bridge Meet Ups at Cafe Express, 3418 N. Lamar Blvd–2d Sunday and 4th Sunday at 1:00 PM, 1st Friday and 3d Friday at 6:15 PM.

You can go to the website to find out more including the names of organizers, hosts, costs, et cetera should you wish to organize a Bridge Meet Up in your area. 

“Come join our friendly bridge group for an evening of informal bridge and conversation. Anyone can play bridge and all are welcome–whether you don’t know the rules or want some tips; whether you want to return to bridge after a long break, or just want to play in your own way. We will play decent, digest and declare at “Come Together” an elegant but reasonably priced family-run cafe on Craven Terrace, a charming street off Lancaster Gate.”

I got in touch with Vincent Lesko, organizer of this London bridge meet up. He’s an American who lives in the U.K. and says he’d be happy to have tourists from America get in touch and perhaps play bridge next time they’re in London.

One of the great things about playing bridge IS that it’s a global game! After all, how many foreign words do you have to learn to bid and play bridge? None whatever for England.

Getting started in your local area

Go to for general information on how to qualify for inclusion in this website’s listing on the internet of meet up clubs. Go to for a list of bridge meet ups in existence. I would think contacting an organizer or two from these clubs would provide how-to tips on what worked for them and what didn’t.

Incidentally, if you click on Bridge (at top of this website) and then go to #16, you will find a blog I wrote a few years ago about a bridge meet-up in the Boston area–Beantown Bridge.  That blog is still relevant and includes advice from its  organizer Tony Lazzeri.


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